Birds in the garden

22. december 2019 Slået fra Af simon

Rødstjert (Phoenicurus phoenicurus)

Winter days leave us with a shortage of daylight hours for photography but you don’t have to venture far to photograph birds during this season, making them a perfect subject choice.

Grønirisk – ad male (Chloris chloris)

When preparing to photograph garden birds, don’t simply put the food out in your garden and expect them to come immediately – rather, feed them through the whole of the winter, and you will be rewarded with a rich variety of garden visitors. If you are using a hide, make sure it’s in place for a good few days before you even attempt photography.

Skovskade (Garrulus glandarius)

Pictures of birds on feeders really don’t inspire, so make sure your feeders are situated in an area where there are good natural perches – or interesting ground for ground-feeders. Wedge nuts and pieces of fat-balls into cracks in the trunk or branches of a tree – birds feeding from these hidden “feeders” look much more natural to me. 

Skovspurven (Passer montanus)